An avid outdoorsman and conservationist, Paul translates his love for nature into conserving the last vestiges of wilderness.  This passion led Paul to Washington DC, where he spent years cutting his teeth championing major conservation initiatives and navigating the labyrinth of U.S. environmental policy.  Inspired by Ed Abbey’s words that “It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it”, Paul abandoned his desk-bound life as a senior political aid in the U.S. House of Representatives to forge a deeper connection with the lands and waters he wished to protect.  He launched a conservation project called An Upstream Journey and spent the next six months driving 28,220 miles from the Florida Keys to Alaska and back, wading waist-deep into endangered waters and diving headfirst into documenting the threats to these invaluable resources. The issues Paul encountered, the friends he made, and the conversations he had on drift boats and around campfires during this adventure spurred the realization that his rare combination of skills and experiences uniquely situated him to help conservation causes take their organizing and advocacy to the next level.  From behind his steering wheel on the remote roads of North America, Last Frontier Strategies was born.

After spending two years living as a nomad, Paul settled down in Seattle and spends his free time exploring the wilds of Washington and road tripping to fishy places with his pup Wilma Jean. 


A veteran of the outdoor industry with almost 30 years of experience under his wading belt, Brian Bennett’s career has spanned nearly every corner of the outdoor industry. From Patagonia to REI to Thule (just to name a few), Brian has worked for some of the world’s preeminent outdoor companies. Through these experiences he has mastered the art of transforming strategic plans into powerful realities. He has also become a branding expert and created some of the most iconic images in fly fishing. Plus, the guy has sold more Capilene underwear than you thought existed.

In his “free time,” Brian created and runs Moldy Chum, one of the most heavily trafficked fly fishing blogs on the planet. With a nose for news, an impeccably sharp wit, and a slightly twisted mind, Brian has used his growing media platform to champion countless conservation causes with an irreverently serious voice.  Brian also serves on the Wild Steelhead Coalition Board as well as the American Fly Fishing Trade Association Science Committee.

Brian resides in Seattle, WA with his wife Marie, hard-charging daughter Josephine, and wonder dog Clooney.


Passion is the driving force of Kyle's life - passion for the outdoors, passion for conservation, and passion for progress. The combination of this overflowing passion and his unabated enthusiasm made Kyle realize at an early age that he was destined for a life in the outdoor industry. His first foray into this world was as a fly fishing guide in the trout-filled summers of Colorado and as a ski shop manager in the state's powdery winters. After years of working on the frontlines, Kyle moved back to the East Coast and started working in outdoor television. He quickly developed an expertise helping TV personalities and producers keep their shows profitable, the content fresh, sponsors happy, and viewership high. 

Itching to chart his own course, Kyle broke away from agency life. He took on a national fly fishing TV show as a client and founded Tidal Roots, a brand centered around building stand up paddleboards from sustainable, locally harvested materials. With Tidal Roots on the precipice of being sold, Kyle has turned his attention to his most recent venture Soul Fly Outfitters, a fly fishing guide operation based in southern Maine that specializes in poling the flats for striped bass. As much as he loves poling a glassy flat searching for hungry stripers, Kyle's professional focus remains protecting the last vestiges of wilderness and helping businesses become part of the solution. 


Pushing the limits, whether it be in the great outdoors or in the art studio, has defined Eric’s life.  With the mindset that nothing is unobtainable or impossible, Eric pursues life with vigor, intensity and determination. These characteristics are reflected in his unique, non-conformist artistic style that seeks to break down barriers in an effort to create something uncompromised and radically different.  Eric’s first foray into the apparel world was with Sache, a Memphis-based design company he started that captures the essence of the Memphis lifestyle and transforms it with a modern flavor.  Now with Last Frontier Strategies, Eric applies his artistic vision and talents to the creation of designs and apparel that combine the spirit of the great outdoors and his fashion forward stylings. When Eric is not hard at work designing or printing, you can find him with his beautiful wife Rachel chasing after their crazy five-year-old twin boys (Cash and Dax) and their crazier Australian Shepherd (Picaso).



At a young age, Dave’s father introduced him to fishing and sparked a lifelong passion to experience and enjoy life in the great outdoors.  Growing up in Eugene, Oregon, his stomping grounds were and remain legendary namesakes such as Crane Prairie and Hosmer Lakes as well as the Deschutes, McKenzie and Umpqua Rivers to name a few.  While Dave quickly discovered the thrill of having a fish on, it was the awe of his surroundings that instilled his deep passion for fishing and conservation.  Dave has dedicated his professional life to the fly fishing industry and has spent the last twenty-plus years relentlessly trying to surpass expectations as a guide, outfitter owner, conservationist, and fly fishing ambassador.  Dave is quick to note that he is nothing in his pursuits without his wife Natalie and daughter Nessa, who constantly remind him why he is so inspired without saying a word.  In addition to co-owning and operating Emerald Water Anglers, Dave is a Patagonia Ambassador, Winston, Rajeff Sports, and Bauer Pro Staff Member; FFF Certified Casting Instructor; and widely published photographer. 


Brian has combined a lifetime of fly fishing photography and serious fly angling into a career of documenting and exploring fishing destinations and stories across the globe – from New Zealand, to Alaska, to Patagonia, and nearly everywhere in between.  A self-described “fishing bum with a camera,” it is the opportunities to meet interesting people, sample the great food of the world, and see new landscapes that drive Brian to find the next hatch, flat, and photograph.  A pioneer in fly fishing photography, Brian’s images and words have graced the pages of many international and national magazines as well as hundreds of books, websites, and tackle catalogs. After decades of submitting his work to other people’s publications, Brian founded Catch Magazine, a photo and video driven online fly fishing magazine that provides a unique fly fishing visual experience that can be seen in 150 countries.  As much as Brian enjoys trips to exotic and far-off destinations, he is equally thrilled to wade into the waters of his home in Bend, Oregon.  


Josh DeSmit is an obsessed artist, fly fisherman, hunter, and outdoorsman.  Growing up in Minneapolis, Josh developed his love for the outdoors and honed his skills on the pocket-riddled brook trout streams of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where his family owns a cabin. The combination of city life and wilderness adventure that shape Josh’s life is the foundation of his artistic style. His unique brand aims to accentuate the chaos, detail, beauty, and desperation that results from the young fly fisher feeding in the film between urban and rural, school and work, love and a beer.  The fusing of his background in printmaking, his affinity for street art and spray paint, and his love for the outdoors enables him to create one-of-a-kind mixed media pieces that are truly original in the world of outdoor art. 


Her name means "fierce protector" and "gift from God", but so far Wilma Jean has only lived up to the latter half. A rescue from a kill shelter in Georgia, this southern belle's fortuitous entrance into our lives has certainly been a blessing. But the so-called fierce protector is anything but.  She's still too afraid to wade more than knee-deep into any body of water and cowers at the sight of any critter bigger than a squirrel, but her love for running wild in wild places undoubtedly tops anyone on our team.