Tarn forged an early connection to the mountains and waters of the West. Born in a ranch house in Carbondale, CO to parents who met as Outward Bound instructors, Tarn spent her childhood trying to keep up with their long strides throughout the backcountry. After graduating from The Colorado College as a Boettcher Scholar, Tarn moved to Washington, DC to put her political science degree to work for Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota. As a legislative research assistant for American Indian affairs, Tarn traveled extensively across South Dakota listening to and working with American Indian constituents. Tarn’s longing to explore and protect the remote and beautiful corners of the West eventually brought her back home to Colorado. Following a year as an Outward Bound instructor in Moab, Utah, Tarn enrolled at the University of Colorado Law School to pursue a career in environmental law. Tarn is the descendent of a long line of adventurers and conservationists. Tarn’s grandfather and great uncle, Mo and Stewart Udall, each played significant roles in conserving some of the nation's most beautiful places. Her maternal grandfather, Dick Emerson, was part of the first successful American expedition to Everest in 1963. Tarn carries on their legacy with every mountain climbed and every conservation battle waged.