Chuitna: More Than Salmon on the Line

Tired of referring to Chuitna as "the biggest salmon/coal fight nobody has ever heard of," Paul and Sam Weis (the Associate Director of Alaskans First) conceived the idea of leading a media expedition out to the remote Chuitna River to create a film and additional content for an extensive multi-media campaign.  The primary product of this expedition is the film Chuitna: More Than Salmon on the Line, which premiered at Wild & Scenic Film Festival in January 2015 and is currently screening at film festivals across the United States.

From conception to distribution, the Last Frontier Strategies team has played an integral role in every component of the project. Paul served as a producer of the film and has spearheaded the fundraising, outreach, and distribution efforts. Dave McCoy narrates Chuitna and stars in the film alongside Josh Prestin and Paul. Additionally, the photos Dave, Josh, and Paul captured have served as the primary promotional images for the film as well as the larger Chuitna Campaign.

A special thanks to Last Frontier Strategies' friends at Patagonia for making the expedition possible. Without their passion and support for saving the Chuitna, this film would not exist. 

Check out the trailer and some images from the expedition below. 

Chuitna Film Expedition Photo Gallery

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Photo credits - Dave McCoy and Paul Moinester