Pushing the limits, whether it be in the great outdoors or in the art studio, has defined Eric’s life.  With the mindset that nothing is unobtainable or impossible, Eric pursues life with vigor, intensity and determination.  These characteristics are reflected in his unique, non-conformist artistic style that seeks to break down barriers in an effort to create something uncompromised and radically different.  Eric’s first foray into the apparel world was with Sache, a Memphis-based design company he started that captures the essence of the Memphis lifestyle and transforms it with a modern flavor.  Now with Last Frontier Strategies, Eric applies his artistic vision and talents to the creation of designs and apparel that combine the spirit of the great outdoors and his fashion forward stylings.  When Eric is not hard at work designing or printing, you can find him with his beautiful wife Rachel chasing after their crazy five-year-old twin boys (Cash and Dax) and their crazier Australian Shepherd (Picaso).